I need some opinions


I’m selling my crochet stuff and need opinions on how much I should be charging.
I’ve heard a few times now from family and people I know that the prices are too low.
Is $9 for a hat low?
And $25 for a hat, booties and a diaper cover?
What would you charge/pay for something like that?

I would start with the cost of yarn and the time it took to make in whatever hourly rate u think is fair.


Leo has a cold.

He is coughing & can barely breathe through his nose.

I used the stupid bulb & it didn’t help.

I’m not a mom (2 more months!) but all of my mom friends swear by the frida nose sucker. It’s a little pricey but it works!

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Yay for having another dream that I lost the baby.

More graphic this time too.

I had some of those too at the beginning of this pregnancy. I got pregnant the very next cycle after an early miscarriage. It was not fun. Now I have baby dreams. Maybe your brain is working on processing your last pregnancy to prepare u for this one.