Is it best to baby dance the day before or the day of ovulation? I keep hearing different things. Due to schedules we kind of need to “plan” it haha so I wasn’t sure which was better.

My ob/gyn said every other day the week up to ovulation. My husbands doctor said once a day, but not more. That way there’s healthy sperm always ready to go!

We went more the every other day route. Seemed to work for us and we’re not spring chickens! We’re in our 30s.

Just curious… r u tracking ur temps?

Pregnancy Update!

This week I’ve had a doctor appointment and an ultrasound. They fit me in so early because last pregnancy I miscarried just shy of 6 weeks. That was the beginning of March. I haven’t even had a normal cycle. I immediately got pregnant next ovulation. (Yay!)

The doc thought I might be 6-8 weeks, but the ultrasound confirms that I’m 4.5 weeks, which lines up with my basal temp shift. EDD is December 16.

This week I’ve been not quite as hungry, but soooo tired! I’ve been falling asleep at 8:30 almost every night! It’s like I’m 6 again. I only feel queasy if I need to eat.

Looks like I’ve grown a tiny bit!

April 12 - Week 4.5 
Chest: 36 1/2”
Under Chest: 33 1/2”
Waist: 32 1/4”
Lower waist: 38 1/4”
Hips: 40 1/2”
Thigh: 24”